About Me

My name is Nena Cirkovic and I am an abstract artist based in Vienna. Expressing myself through different art mediums has always been significant part of my life. I grew up in Belgrade (Serbia) and in my youth ages I was acting in the theater for many years. My love for acting has been followed with my passion for painting, where I can express myself in a different way and communicate with the public through my artworks. 



My art is an extension of my innermost self, a visual manifestation of my deepest emotions and feelings. Through my art, I seek to explore the complexities of the human experience, distilling its raw essence into a harmonious balance of color, form, and movement.

Inspired by the pioneering figures of German and international expressionism, including Gerhard Richter, Wassily Kandinsky, and Jean-Paul Riopelle, my work represents a bold and unapologetic departure from the constraints of traditional art forms. Guided by an unyielding passion for experimentation, I push the boundaries of painting styles and techniques to achieve a level of depth and richness that speaks to the heart of the human experience.

My preferred technique is the use of a palette knife and rulers, which allows me to layer colors in varying intensities and textures, creating works that are as complex and nuanced as the emotions they seek to capture. By harnessing the power of color and form, I aim to transcend language and speak directly to the primal aspects of our shared humanity, and to express the complexity of the human feelings in my artworks.