About Me

My name is Snjezana Cirkovic and I am a self taught abstract artist based in Vienna. Expressing myself through different art mediums has always been significant part of my life. I grew up in Belgrade (Serbia) and in my youth ages I was acting in the theater for many years. My love for acting has been followed with my passion for painting, where I can express myself in a different way and communicate with the public through my artworks. 



My paintings are reflection of my inner self, my feelings and emotions. My love for colors, structure, movements and harmony defines my work. My art belongs to abstract expressionism, being inspired by the greatest representatives of German and international expressionism, such as Gerhard Richter, Wassily Kandinsky, Jean-Paul Riopelle, and others. I love to experiment with different painting styles and techniques, but I mainly paint with a palette knife. This kind of painting, where I am applying many layers of colors in different intensity, enables me to express the complexity of the human feelings and emotions presented in my paintings.